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PMA Committee and Council Leadership

Membership Committee

Chair: Autumn Robinson (Avanath Realty)
Vice-Chair: Sami Satouri (Quest Insurance)
Staff Liaison: Kandis Dwyer

Responsibilities: Develops and implements PMA's annual membership recruitment efforts, reviews applications and implements retention programs. Organizes and presents PMA Member Orientations and Open Houses.

Opportunities: Learn how to develop and implement marketing programs. Develop your persuasion and presentation skills. Boost your creativity by finding new ways to reach out to potential PMA members.

Meetings: The Membership Committee meets virtually on the third Friday of the month at 10 a.m. until further notice.


Autumn Robinson Autumn Robinson

Sami SatouriSami Satouri

PACE Awards Committee

Chair: Susie Sanin (Minkoff Company, Inc.)
Vice-Chair: Ninette Patrick (Habitat America)
Staff Liaison: Sarah Patterson

Responsibilities: Manages PMA’s Apartment Community Excellence (PACE) Awards, the only program that recognizes excellence in multifamily management for the national capital area.

Opportunities: Develop organizational, marketing and event-planning skills while planning, promoting and organizing a PMA awards program.

Meetings: The PACE Awards Committee meets virtually on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. until further notice.


Susie Sanin Susie Sanin

Ninette PatrickNinette Patrick

Program and Seminar Committee

Chair: Melissa Mariotti (Greystar Management)
Vice-Chair: Alla Shtipelman (Kay Apartment Communities)
Staff Liaison: Sarah Patterson

Responsibilities: Identifies topics and instructors for various educational programs. Develops PMA’s seminars, roundtables and other educational programs.

Opportunities: Recognize and proactively respond to the educational needs of the industry. Track trends, determine educational needs and interact with industry leaders.

Meetings: The Program and Seminar Committee meets virtually on the fourth Thursday of the month at 10 a.m. until further notice.


Melissa MorvayMelissa Mariotti

Alla ShtipelmanAlla Shtipelman

PMEXPO Committee

Co-Chairs: Zakiya Kainu (Southern Management Companies, LLC) and Felicia Douglas (Residency Bureau)
Staff Liaison: Nancy Macklin 

Responsibilities: Plans, manages and promotes PMEXPO. Oversees exhibitor training, auctions and special events. Evaluates unique partnering marketing program between exhibitors and PMA. Determines the most significant operational needs of the industry and develop strategies to meet them.

Opportunities: Obtain event planning and marketing skills.

Meetings: The PMEXPO Committee meets virtually on the third Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. until further notice.


Zakiya Kainu Zakiya Kainu

Felicia DouglasFelicia Douglas

Community Service Committee

Co-Chairs: Linda Silva (Creative Marketing Concepts) and Mika Hicks (Hawkins Electric)
Staff Liaison: Kandis Dwyer

Responsibilities: Capitalizes on PMA members' expertise to improve the quality of space where people live and/or work and provide mediums for members to serve their community.

Opportunities: Obtain marketing, motivation and public relations skills. Achieve sense of personal satisfaction from helping those who are less fortunate.

Meetings: The Community Service Committee meets virtually on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. until further notice.


Linda SilvaLinda Silva

Mika HicksMika Hicks

Summer Escape Committee

Chair: Lauren McInnes (TM Associates Management, Inc.)
Vice-Chair: Mike Barrett (Van Metre)
Staff Liaison: Nancy Macklin

Responsibilities: Plans and oversees the industry’s best golf outing.

Opportunities: Obtain event-planning skills, and develop and implement marketing programs.

Meetings: The Summer Classic Committee meets virtually on the second Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. until further notice.


Lauren McInnesLauren McInnes

Mike BarrettMike Barrett

Lobster Bake Committee

Chair: Ramona Drieu (Servpro of Rockville-Olney)  
Vice-Chair: Asia Felder-Watkins 
Staff Liaison: Nancy Macklin

Responsibilities: Determines the theme and coordinates activities and sponsorships for the must-attend PMA event of the late summer/fall.

Opportunities: Obtain event-planning skills, develop and implement marketing programs, and fundraising programs.

Meetings: The Lobster Bake Committee meets virtually on the third Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. until further notice.


Ramona DrieuRamona Drieu

Asia Felder-WatkinsAsia Felder-Watkins

Holiday Ball Committee

Chair: Larry Edmonds (Capitol Pest)
Vice-Chair: Terry Egley (Integrity Construction Group, Inc.)
Staff Liaison: Nancy Macklin

Responsibilities: Plans and conducts the industry's most spectacular and enjoyable holiday gala.

Opportunities: Obtain event-planning skills, develop and implement marketing programs, and fundraising programs.

Meetings: The Holiday Ball Committee meets virtually on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. until further notice.


Larry EdmondsLarry Edmonds

Terry EgleyTerry Egley

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Committee

Chair: Toni Harris (Avanath Realty)
Staff Liaison: Sarah Patterson

Responsibilities: To identify opportunities to build the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion into the Association’s operations and to model those values as we advance the Association’s mission.

Opportunities: PMA’s Board of Directors appointed the DEI Task Committee at their November meeting. Leadership is still determining the DEI Task Committee’s composition and goals.

Meetings: Stay tuned for future meeting details.


Toni HarrisToni Harris

Associate Membership Council

Chair: Debra May (Millenium Marketing Solutions)
Vice-Chair: Dustin Creamer (Cinch Kit, LLC)
Staff Liaison: Kandis Dwyer

Responsibilities: Promotes and represents the interest of Associate Members in support of PMA's mission and provides Associate Members with professional development opportunities.

Opportunities: Make invaluable networking contacts that can lead to increased business. Expand your sales and presentation skills. Learn how to capitalize on opportunities in the property management industry.

Meetings: Scheduled bi-monthly or as needed.


Debra May Debra May

Dustin CreamerDustin Creamer

Marketing Council

Chair: Megan Adams (Legend Management)
Vice-Chair: Alexis Tsonos (Van Metre)
Staff Liaison: Sarah Patterson

Responsibilities: Creates networking opportunities for marketing professionals to exchange ideas, discuss common challenges and improve individual and corporate performance. Develops programs and educational offerings that provide practical marketing education. Oversees the annual Marketing and Advertising Excellence and Leasing Professional Awards programs.

Opportunities: Attend the Marketing Council's events to improve marketing skills, expand creative capabilities, and access a network of savvy, seasoned professionals that can serve as a resource for new idea generation and problem-solving. 

Meetings: NA


Megan AdamsMegan Adams

Alexis TsonosAlexis Tsonos

Operations Council

Chair: Jennifer Rucker (LIVEbe Communities)
Vice-Chair: Deb Stipa (Ruppert Landscape)
Staff Liaison: Sarah Patterson

Responsibilities: Creates networking opportunities for operations professionals to exchange ideas, discuss common challenges and improve individual and corporate performance. Develops programs that provide practical education. Oversees PMA’s Maintenance Professional Awards program that recognizes outstanding performance. Sponsors hands-on demonstrations of new technologies, products and applications that improve operating efficiencies and/or lower costs.

Opportunities: Recognize and proactively respond to the educational needs of building maintenance and operation personnel. Track trends, determine educational needs, expand creative capabilities, stay in touch with the latest resources and new technologies and interact with industry leaders.

Meetings: The Operations Council meets virtually on the second Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. until further notice.


Jennifer RuckerJennifer Rucker

Deb StipaDeb Stipa

Human Resources Council

Chair: Maj Roembke (Aldon Management Corporation) 
Staff Liaison: Sarah Patterson

Responsibilities: Plans roundtable meetings and seminars on topics relevant to human resources and oversees the AOBA-PMA Wage and Benefit Survey.

Opportunities: Learn best HR practices used by property management firms in the national capital area; network with HR professionals employed in property management.

Meetings: NA


Maj RoembkeMaj Roembke

PMA Toastmasters Vision Club

President: Elisabeth Kirk (TRC Engineering)

Opportunities: PMA's Toastmasters Vision Club helps PMA members develop communication and leadership skills.

Meetings: The Club meets virtually every 2nd Tuesday of each month and the 4th Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m. until further notice.

Elisabeth Kirk Elisabeth Kirk

If you'd like to participate on a PMA committee or council, email info@pma-dc.org or call 301-657-9200.