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$19.90 - $19.90
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Job Qualifications:

Education & Experience Required

? High school diploma or equivalent

? 1 year experience in all maintenance related skills of an M-3

? Successfully completed all basic maintenance classes and on-the-job training

Skills Required

? Ability to keep neat and accurate records of time and materials

? Ability to communicate in written form.

? Ability to understand and follow directions

? Knowledge of mechanical, math, and measurements skills

? Knowledge of the current occupational hazards, and an understanding of safety

? precautions, building codes and regulations applicable to the maintenance profession

? Knowledge, understanding and demonstration of preventive maintenance

Revised – 6/2015

? Knowledge of the use and care of tools and equipment necessary to perform building

? maintenance tasks

? Knowledge of the current methods, practices, tools, equipment and materials used in building maintenance and repair work, to qualification and training level

? Working knowledge of appliances, plumbing, electric, carpentry, drywall, painting, blinds and traverse rods, hardware, screens, doors, key cutting, cabinets and counter tops, roofing, ceramic tile, masonry, fire extinguishers, glass cutting, floors, fan coil or gas heat, landscaping and building maintenance skills.

? Ability to lift 80 lbs. to the shoulder and carry it

? Ability to perform all tasks associated with the duties specified

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities

? Ensure that community, structures, and equipment are in compliance with local codes and regulations

? Assist in maintaining an inventory of adequate supplies and replacement parts and equipment by ensuring maintenance areas are neat and clean, and reporting shortages to supervisor

? Make repairs to landscaping, grading, and drainage

? Diagnose heat problems and repair/replace components

? Perform preventive maintenance on HVAC units and fan coil units

? Contribute to the team’s effort by accomplishing tasks and assisting with projects as needed

? Comply with all Southern Management’s policies and procedures

? Perform various other duties as assigned by Manager and/or Supervisor

Job Responsibilities:


Basic Electric

?Single Phase: 120 – 240 volts

? Team member must have completed and passed Basic Electric to qualify for onsite training above the parameter set and determined

? Branch circuits to de-energize, test, and make safe to replace, switch, and load devices, fuses, and appliances – up to 40 Amps, i.e.: dryers, water heaters, stoves, etc

Advanced Electric

?277 Volts – 200 Amps not connected to a main bus; simulated training at MTA

? Team member must have completed and passed Basic & Advanced Electric (no physical component) to qualify for onsite training above the parameter set and determined

? Classroom instruction of theory of electricity from basic circuitry and load calculations and wire sizes, to include up to 3 Phase

? Must include proper tools, i.e.: arc-rated screwdriver, and PPE, i.e.: drivers gloves, goggles, and face-shield

? Verification of responsibilities by "On the Job Checklist" (OJC)


? Unclog plumbing drains of all types

? Repair or replace plumbing fixtures; i.e.: commodes, lavatories, and their components

? Repair or replace trim fixtures; i.e.: faucets, diverters, and their components

? Sweat copper pipe up to 1 ¼"

? Install or repair, drain, waste, and vent systems; i.e.: PVC, copper, galvanized and cast iron

? Perform preventive maintenance on all water heaters; gas or electric

? Repair and replace all domestic water pipes up to 1 ¼"; including valves


? Repair and/or replace wood cabinets, counter tops and vanities

? Caulk doors, windows and floors

? Repair and replace interior and exterior doors, and hardware

? Install stair treads

? Install patio door rollers, locks, Charlie bars, security pins and patio screen rollers

Revised – 6/2015

?Install and repair closet doors and hardware

? Install thresholds

? Repair and replace floor tile, sheet vinyl and wood floors

? Repair/replace wooden trim and vinyl cove base

? Install underlayment and sub-floor

? Repair/replace wood framing members

Ceramic Tile

? Remove and replace caulking

? Repair and replace ceramic tiles (walls and floors)

? Install ceramic and metal bathroom fixtures


? Touch up paint

? Repair or replace drywall


? Troubleshoot, repair, or replace stove (electric or gas) dishwashers, garbage disposals, refrigerators, and make adjustments to appliances to include replacement of gaskets, leveling, reversing doors, and adjusting pilots


? Repair and replace downspouts, gutters and splash blocks

? Repair and replace shingles, flashing, soffit vents


? Patch and replace blacktop, concrete and masonry (including pointing-up)

? Repair masonry retainer walls and steps


? Replace glass, mirrors and screening and key cutting

? Repair and replace mailboxes, locks, doors and sub-plates

? Repair and replace blinds and traverse rods

? Inspect for repairs, refilling, recharging, and tagging fire extinguishers

Job Contact Information:

Apply at for req #2922

Recruiter: Natalie McGrail


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Southern Management Corporation

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212 Cedar Lane
Vienna, VA, 22180,US
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