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Who Turned Off the Lights? Lessons Learned from a Texas Tragedy

Who Turned Off the Lights (and the water, gas, electricity and other essential utilities)?  Lessons Learned from a Texas Tragedy

Join Crissy Tosch, Regional Vice President, Berkshire Residential Investments who shared her first-hand experiences managing more than 30 communities in Texas and Colorado victimized by the storms.  Obtain additional insights from Peter Jakel, Vice President of Strategy, LinnellTaylor and Greg Minkoff, Vice President/Principal Owner, Minkoff Company, Inc. who shared communication, preparation and mitigation tips to help you manage through the unexpected.

Topics include:

  • What can property managers do to prepare for natural disasters or other emergencies?
  • How can property managers best prepare their residents to respond to emergencies?
  • Successful practices for communicating preparedness measures?
  • What are the first steps in times of crisis?
  • What are the most effective ways to communicate during a crisis and protect your brand?

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