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Roofing Preventative Maintenance and Mold Remediation

Thursday, April 15
10 a.m.
Video Conference Call

When you see rain in the forecast…do you get an immediate feeling of dread because you know you’ll be getting a call from the tenant in Unit #C? Sign up for PMA’s webinar for tips about how to properly maintain your rooftop. You’ll learn:

  • Why rooftop maintenance is important and how it can affect your warranty
  • What maintenance items to look for
  • Maintenance items can be easily done by engineers and when to call a professional
  • How maintenance can help prevent leaks and other issues

Proper roof maintenance is one step in the right direction when it comes to mold prevention. When a building remains wet after a flood or a leak, mold can begin to grow on many surfaces within 24 to 48 hours. Mold is harmful to humans and pets, and can cause serious respiratory issues. In the second half of this webinar, you’ll learn all about mold identification and remediation to keep your buildings clean, safe and free from dangerous mold.

Instructors: Sara George, Virginia Roofing Corporation and Colin Toepfer from Toepfer Construction Co., Inc. 


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