Care More

Incentives are sexy. Offering free trips, gift certificates to local stores and entertainment venues, spa-like amenities and similar perks for achieving goals certainly has an appeal.  However, most incentives have limited shelf life. What most team members want and need is a corporate culture that cares about them, and you don’t have to spend a lot of resources to demonstrate every day that you care about the people that surround you. According to the Disney Institute, there are four ways that you can demonstrate care in your business.

Number 1: Genuinely thank your team for outstanding effort and work.

PMA offers numerous opportunities to recognize and thank team members. Start by mandating as many team members as possible to attend PMEXPO. Why? Because it demonstrates that you care about your team members being part of their industry. Challenge your team to return from PMEXPO with new ideas to achieve efficiencies, cut costs, enhance the quality of service, make residents and tenants’ lives easier or simply make coming to work more enjoyable. Challenging your team to perform is one of the highest compliments you can pay. You say not only that you trust them, but also that you value their ideas and problem-solving capabilities.

Number 2: Practice intentional listening.

When you ask questions, take action on what you have heard and been told. You will demonstrate to your team that their opinions and voices are valued. That’s another reason why you should challenge your team to find new solutions and better practices when they are at PMEXPO.

Number 3: Eliminate barriers that negatively impact productivity and effectiveness. 

Find out what turns off employees or the things that impede productivity. Send them to PMEXPO with specific charges to find solutions to productivity killers. When you put your team members in a proactive position to address pet peeves and take action to eliminate them, you demonstrate that you care.

Number 4: Encourage peer-to-peer caring

According to the Disney Institute, the purest and most genuine form of care is when team members care about one another. Peer-to-peer caring demonstrates a strong sense of a caring culture and enhances emotional connections between team members and your property or business.