Everyday Heroes

Most people, given the right circumstances will do the right things, claims Dr. James Doty, a clinical professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University and founding director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. In a recent podcast, Dr. Doty gave new meaning of being a hero. “Being a hero doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump off a bridge into freezing water and pull somebody out of the water. Being a hero can simply mean recognizing a situation where somebody is at risk and making the effort to go and help them.” An act of heroism can be as simple as helping a senior citizen to cross the street or standing up to someone is who bullying a coworker or friend.

Doty’s definition of hero made me reflect on two of PMA’s most recent celebratory events – PACE and the Past Presidents’ Awards Banquet. Everyone who works at a PACE-nominated community is a hero. Consider how often and how many go above and beyond a job description to help a resident in need, to fix a problem or simply make a community a more enjoyable place to call home. 

2018 Alvin L. Sussman Award-winner Kathy Masterson (LCOR) is a hero as are President’s Award winner Ron Frank (Southern Management), John N. Gallagher Property Management Professional of the Year Jenni Rucker (LIVEbe Communities), Stanley Reid Humanitarian of the Year Jennifer Casey (The Donaldson Group). Vision Award recipient Bob Turner (Allen & Rocks) and the team from Millennium Marketing Solutions (PMA 2018 Associate Member of the Year) are heroes too. Distinguished Service Award recipients Holly Warner (Capitol Canopies), Steve Shapiro (Commercial Image Photography) and Mark Rasavage (Grady Management) along with Carole Worley Distinguished Award winner Selene Morley (Superior Mechanical Services) deserve to be called heroes as does Associate Council Chair Award-winner Elisabeth Kirk (TRC Engineering) and everyone else who was honored November 15. These great professionals are heroes because daily they make the effort to help members, residents, tenants and others. 

Most PMA members perform heroic acts daily, and that’s why PMA has programs, activities and communities to recognize them. Anyone who attended the PACE Awards Ceremony and/or the Past Presidents’ Awards Banquet walked away feeling great. 

For 2019, PMA has adopted connection as its theme for the year. We will help everyday heroes connect with their community, their peers, their industry and their team and celebrate their daily acts of heroism.