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Leasing Professional Awards

The Leasing Professional Awards recognize the stellar performance of those individuals who excel at selling the benefits of their communities and converting prospects into residents. Property managers, management companies and individuals participating in the Leasing Professional Awards receive the following benefits:

Improve Performance: The Leasing Professional Awards Program establishes benchmarks for leasing excellence and helps improve conversion ratios and overall presentation quality of your leasing team. PMA will provide an in-depth evaluation of each nominee that includes detailed scoring and benchmarking figures that identify specific strengths and opportunities for growth and improvement.

Teambuilding: Participating in PMA’s Leasing Professional Awards Program demonstrates that you care about, and appreciate, the efforts and achievements of your sales teams. This awards program will boost morale, improve teamwork and cooperation and encourage healthy competition.

Industry Recognition: More than 130 people from 18 area property management companies were nominated for PMA’s 2019 Leasing Professional Awards. In 2020, we expect even more participation, and only the best of the best will be recognized.

Leasing Professional Award Entries are due August 28, 2020. Awards will be presented at the December 2020 Marketing and Advertising Excellence and Leasing Professional Awards Breakfast.

2020 Leasing Professional Awards Entry Form Coming Soon!

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