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The committee can identify and address specific needs within the community, whether it's supporting vulnerable populations or promoting education.

Positive Impact

Community service initiatives have the potential to create lasting change by addressing root causes of issues and implementing sustainable solutions.


Engaging in community service allows for the development of strong relationships among committee members and with the broader community.

In-Person Volunteer Opportunities

The Community Service Committee collaborates with diverse local organizations to make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of our community.

  Build Connection: Actively contribute to our community's success and provide a unique opportunity for networking and building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.  

  Teambuilding: Directly engage in creating positive experiences for others while fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose within the community.

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Career & Technical Education Support Day

Make a positive impact on education and the community by volunteering at Career & Technical Education Support Day  

  Contribute to Education: Volunteering allows you to contribute to the improvement of education by supporting Career & Technical Education. Your efforts can help enhance the learning experience for students pursuing technical skills and knowledge. 

  Skill Development: Volunteering often involves taking on responsibilities that can help student develop and enhance a diverse set of skills. Whether it's communication, teamwork, or problem-solving, volunteering can be a platform for personal and professional growth. 

  Community Impact: By volunteering, you actively contribute to the community and make a positive impact. Supporting education, especially in technical fields, can have long-term effects on individuals' lives and the overall development of the community. 

  Networking Opportunities: Engaging in events like Career & Technical Education Support Day provides opportunities to network with professionals, educators, and students in the field. Building connections can be beneficial for your career and personal development. 

Volunteer for Career Day

Stephen Knolls School Landscape Cleanup Day

Go beyond contributing time; actively participate in the school's mission and support a diverse student population with unique needs. 

  Supporting Inclusive Education: Play a crucial role in creating a sensory environment that embraces diversity and fosters learning for students who may have unique educational needs.

  Making a Positive Impact on Lives: Your involvement can enhance the students at Stephen Knolls School, ages three to twenty-one, particularly those with special needs, by contributing to their personal development, and creating a more supportive and enriching learning environment.

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50/50 Raffle at Summer Escape

A fun element for attendees to participate in a fundraising activity to support committee needs and collaborative goals each year.

  Community Engagement and Fundraising: Attendees have the opportunity to contribute to a good cause while enjoying the event. 

  Flexible Use of Proceeds: The proceeds from the 50/50 raffle offer flexibility in addressing the diverse needs of the committee. Whether it's funding supplies, supporting specific initiatives, or addressing urgent community needs, the funds generated through the raffle can be allocated where they are most needed. 

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Silent Auction at Lobster Bake

The Community Service Committee hosts the Silent Auction at PMA's Annual Lobster Bake.

  Bountiful Donations: Explore a curated selection of items generously donated by our community members and local businesses. From exquisite crafts to exclusive experiences, there's something for everyone. 

  Bid for a Cause: Every winning bid directly contributes to the Community Service Committee, ensuring that the proceeds are channeled back into initiatives that uplift and support our community. 

  Giving Back: As you participate in the silent auction, know that you're making a tangible difference. Your support helps fund vital community projects, creating a positive ripple effect that touches the lives of many. 

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Gift Basket Raffle at Awards Ceremony

Participating in the annual gift basket raffle offers a range of benefits, including supporting a cause, building community, and enjoying the chance to win prizes.

  Support the Mission: Whether you donate a gift basket or purchase raffle tickets, your contribution directly supports the committee's mission. 

  Community Building: By participating, you join others in a collective effort to support a shared cause. This sense of community building fosters connections, relationships, and a shared commitment to making a difference. 

  Chance to Win Prizes: For individuals buying raffle tickets, there's the added excitement of having a chance to win one of the themed gift baskets. This element of chance adds a fun and rewarding aspect for all to enjoy.  

  Promoting Member Businesses: Donating a gift basket provides an opportunity to showcase and promote your products or services. Donate a basket with a unique theme that can symbolize a relationship to your company's services. 

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Hear From Our Members

"Volunteering holds a significant place in my life, driven by a belief in the interconnectedness of people and the pivotal role that community plays in our collective successes. The warmth that fills your heart when witnessing simple acts of kindness—someone extending a helping hand, bringing tears of joy to anothers eyes, or assisting with heavy bags—is the true reward I cherish. Beyond the act itself, the opportunity to build genuine connections and develop a fondness for others while contributing to the well-being of the community is the icing on the cake."

Brian McQuaid | American Pest | Account Specialist

"I've been a participant in PMA seminars and dinners for several years. However, it wasn't until I joined the Community Service Committee and eventually took on the role of Chair that I truly recognized the invaluable benefits of being part of the Association. Actively engaging with PMA allowed me to cultivate and expand relationships that have proven beneficial, both personally and professionally. Volunteering with the Community Service Committee has brought me immense joy in contributing to others' well-being and witnessing the positive impact we can achieve as a collaborative committee."

Linda Silva | Creative Marketing Concepts | Vice President

"Being on PMA’s Community Service Committee has helped me connect and network with like-minded colleagues in the industry. It’s great to meet new people that share similar values, but also relate to your career."

Gary Bollinger | Van Metre Companies | PR & Community Outreach Manager

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LaToya Healey | Horning | Property Manager

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