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EPIC Awards

PMA will honor outstanding individuals and companies with its EPIC Awards at its Past Presidents’ Awards Virtual Ceremony being held in November. Visit for more information.

The EPIC Awards include:


PMA’s Highest Honor—This award recognizes a PMA member (company or individual) that has made an outstanding advancement in the multi-family industry. Must have a nomination from a co-worker, supervisor, and/or subordinate and a PMA member. Submit a Capital Achievement Award nomination.


Presented to a member who participates in community service and is making significant contributions to the community through their time, talents, actions, dedication and generosity. Must have a nomination from a PMA member. Submit a Making a Difference Award nomination.


This award is presented to a PMA member who demonstrates forward-thinking insight, creativity and has the ability to create and implement a strategy. Must have nominations from a PMA member. Submit a Visionary Award nomination.


Monetary award to further the education of a child or grandchild of a PMA member in good standing. Applicants must be well-rounded students, involved in extracurricular and civic activities. Students should submit their own nominations. Submit a Memorial Scholarship Award application.


Every EPIC Award nominee must possess ethical behavior that demonstrates respect for key moral principles including honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity, integrity and individual rights.


The nomination due date for the Capital Achievement Award, Making a Difference Award, Visionary Award and Memorial Scholarship Award is October 15, 2020. Other awards presented at the Past Presidents' Awards Virtual Ceremony include the President's Choice Awards and the PMEXPO Best Booth Awards


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