PMEXPO 2023 Rules & Regulations

Exhibit Space, Sponsorship and/or Advertising Space Reservation:
PMA shall act in good faith to honor Participant preferences. PMA reserves the right to change the exhibit space location assigned to Participant at any time, as it may, in its sole discretion, deem necessary in the best interest of the Event. Exclusive advertising and sponsorship opportunities are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis only after receipt of payment.

Participant Conduct, Booth Operation, Décor and Right of Entry and Inspection:

  • No adhesive-backed promotional items may be distributed or used at Event;
  • All decorating materials must be constructed of flameproof material or treated with an approved fire-retardant solution;
  • No decorations of any kind may be fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, walls or windows;
  • Decorations may not block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits or lighting systems;
  • Signage in booths may not extend beyond the perimeter of the booth space;
  • The height of signs and displays are limited as follows: from the back wall 5' toward the aisle, the display may be no higher than 8', and from the midpoint out to the aisle, the display may be no higher than 4';
  • No portion of any booth or carpeting may extend over or beyond assigned floor space or side railings;
  • Interference with the lighting, visibility and space of other Participants is prohibited;
  • The use of objectionable amplifying or lighting equipment is prohibited; 
  • Self-supported audio equipment within exhibit booths must be directed inward so not to pose a sound level nuisance to other Participants;
  • Other than service animals, or those animals directly related to Participant's mission, the use of live animals is prohibited.

Participants agree to abide by all facility rules and exhibit display guidelines published in Exhibitor Services Kit. Displays and exhibits not conforming to specifications, or which in design, operation or otherwise, are deemed objectionable by PMA in its sole discretion, will be prohibited. 

If Participants engage in any conduct in violation of the rules and or applicable laws, PMA reserves the right to cancel contract without further notice and without obligation to refund monies previously paid. PMA further reserves the right to reject Participant's application to participate in future PMA events. Further, PMA in its absolute discretion shall have the right at any time to enter and inspect the area occupied by the Participant. Participants and their representatives shall always conduct themselves in a professional manner and shall not disparage or defame fellow participating companies, PMA or the employees of aforementioned organizations, or engage in other activities detrimental to Event.

Security: Participants and representatives must be registered. Admission to the Event will be by badge only. The safekeeping of Participant's property shall remain the responsibility of Participant.

Cancellation by Participant: All requests for cancellation of exhibit space, sponsorship and/or advertising space must be made in writing. A full refund or waiver of exhibit booth, sponsorship and/or advertising fees, less a $500 administrative fee, will be granted if written notice of cancellation or reduction in contracted sponsorship and/or advertising space is received by PMA no later than July 31, 2023. Commencing August 1, 2023, no exhibit booth, sponsorship and/or advertising fees shall be waived nor shall refunds be made.

Cancellation or Postponement of Event: It is mutually agreed that if Event is cancelled for any reason this Agreement will be automatically terminated and PMA will determine an equitable basis for the refund of a portion of all exhibit space, sponsorship and/or advertising space fees, after due consideration of expenditures and commitments already made.

Payment of Debts: Participants must make required payments for PMA membership and all contracted exhibit space, sponsorship and/or advertising space by September 25, 2023. Exhibitors may not move into their exhibit space until payment in full is received. PMA shall be entitled to recover all fees and costs incurred in collecting the debt.

Exhibit Space Occupancy: Any Participant that fails to occupy and set up its assigned exhibit space by the end of published setup hours, leaves its space unattended during Event hours or begins dismantling of exhibit space prior to the close of Event by PMA, may forfeit its right to exhibit space and its eligibility to exhibit at future PMA events. Participant shall not sublet or permit the use of all or any part of the exhibit space or any equipment provided without the permission of PMA. Furthermore, Participant shall not allow any representative(s) of any non-exhibiting existing or potential PMA member(s) to staff Participant's booth without PMA permission.

Handling and Storage: Neither PMA nor the managers of the Event facility will accept or store display materials or empty crates. Participant shall make arrangements for shipment, delivery, receipt and storage of such materials and empty crates. Such arrangements shall be made with PMA’s decorating contractor, Alliance Expositions. All shipments and deliveries shall be prepaid.

Codes and Agreements: Participant hereby agrees to be bound by all rules and regulations outlined here and in Exhibitor Service Kit and any additional rules, regulations and information as may be adopted by PMA or Event facility.

Participant further agrees to adhere to and be bound by:

  • All applicable fire, utility and building codes and regulations of event facility, Gaylord National Harbor;
  • Any rules or regulations of facility;
  • The terms of all leases and agreements between PMA and the managers and/or owners of said facility;
  • The terms of any and all leases and agreements between PMA and any other party relating to Event;
  • All federal, state and local laws, ordinances rules and copyright protections; without limiting the foregoing, Participant shall construct any displays to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Participant shall not, nor shall Participants permit others to, do anything to its assigned space or do anything in Event facility which would cause a difference in conditions from those previous approved by the insurance carriers of PMA, or the owners or managers of said facility, which will in any way increase premiums payable by any of said parties, and Participant shall be responsible for any such increase resulting from violation of this section.

Listing and Promotional Materials: By participating at Event, Participant grants PMA a fully paid, perpetual, non- exclusive license to use, display and reproduce the name of Participant in any directory or listing of Event Participants and to use such names in promotional materials. PMA shall not be liable for any errors in any listing or for omitting any Participant from any directory or listing pertaining to Event. Furthermore, by participating in event Participant acknowledges that publicity photographs and/or videos may be taken during Event and grants permission for photos and/or videos containing their likeness to be used for publicity or general information purposes, whether in print or electronic mediums, which may be seen by the general public.

Liability and Insurance: This Agreement shall not constitute or be considered a partnership, employee-employee relationship, joint venture or agency between PMA and Participant. Participant hereby agrees to and does indemnify, hold harmless and defend PMA, its officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, "Indemnified Party"), from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, cost of expense of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to cost, interest and attorney's fees) which any Indemnified Party may incur, suffer, be put to, or be required to pay, incident to or arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission by Participant or any of its employees, servants or agents. Participant agrees that the Indemnified Party shall not be responsible in any way for damage, loss or discretion of any property of Participant or injury to Participant or its representatives, agents, employees, licensees or invitees. Participant must obtain insurance policies covering exhibit materials at Event. 

Limitation of Damages: In no event will an Indemnified Party be liable to Participant, whether in contract or tort, for any amount in excess of the exhibit space, sponsorship and/or advertising space fee(s) in relation to any damages, including lost profits arising out of or relation to Event, the rental of exhibit space, the conduct of PMA, any breach of this Agreement, or any other act, omission or occurrence.

Protection of Exhibit Facility: Participant is expressly bound, at its expense, to promptly pay for or repair any and all damage to the exhibit facility, booth equipment or the property of others caused by Participant or any of its employees, agents, contractors or representatives.

General Attendance: Adults 18 years of age and older may visit any area of the Event. Parents or legal guardians may be required to sign a release and waiver of claim for children between under 18 years of age and must accompany them at all times while at Event. Non-exhibiting suppliers are not allowed to attend Event. Prospective exhibitors may be given a guest badge and escorted through the exhibit hall by a PMA staff member.

Interpretation and Enforcement: PMA has full power to interpret and enforce all regulations for Event and the power to make amendments and/ or further regulations that are considered necessary for the proper conduct of Event. Such a decision shall be binding on all Event Participants. Failure to comply with any rule or regulation may be sufficient cause for PMA to require immediate removal of the offending Participant and may result in forfeiture of all further rights at future events sponsored by PMA. PMA may lease any exhibit space, sponsorship and/or advertising space so forfeited to another Participant.