PMA Vision Award


Until 2019, the PMA Vision Award was presented by the PMA President-Elect and recognizes extraordinary insight, imagination, and the ability to transform concepts into accomplishments.

The Vision Award was retired in 2019 when PMA introduced the EPIC Awards.

Past Recipients

2018 Bob Turner

2017 Dani Bressler

2016 Elaine De Lude

2015 Aneta Kondratowicz

2014 Janice Tippett

2013 Ted Ross

2012 Ken Klimpl

2011 PMA Board of Directors

2010 David Newcome

2009 Zakiya Kainu

2008 Janice Randol

2007 Josh Bortnick

2006 Bill Geoffrion

2005 Bill Lehan

2004 Tricia Culpepper

2003 Jerry Baylin

2001 Carole Worley

1999 David Newcome

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