The Alvin L. Sussman Award


Until 2019, the Alvin L. Sussman Award was PMA’s highest honor. The award recognized a property manager who has made an outstanding advancement in the property management profession. In addition to the award, PMA donated $500 in the winner’s name to his or her favorite charity. Award criteria included:

  • Enhancing relations between management and residents,
  • Advancing the profession by instituting a major improvement in operations,
  • Achieving a noteworthy accomplishment resulting in favorable public notice that brings acclaim to the profession, receiving public recognition for a deed or accomplishment that may not pertain to property management but reflects favorably on the individual as a property manager,
  • Accomplishing a special achievement in the public sector.

The Alvin L. Sussman Award was retired in 2019, when PMA introduced the EPIC Awards.

Past Recipients

2018 Kathy Masterson

2017 Scott Jones

2016 Louis Kovalsky

2015 Tom Rucker

2014 Conrad Cafrtiz

2013 David Newcome

2012 Margaret P. Bessette

2011 Connie Patterson-Norris

2010 Arnold Polinger

2009 Julie Smith

2008 Bill Geoffrion

2007 W. Christopher Smith

2006 Dick Knapp

2005 Dave Thomas

2004 Beth Ross

2003 Thomas S. Bozzuto

2002 Gary L. Campbell

2001 Ronald E. Frank

2000 David Taylor

1999 John Potvin

1998 Byron L. Christenson

1997 Marilyn K. Feucht

1996 Richard J. Leeds

1995 William O. West

1994 David H. Hillman

1993 H. James Kostyk

1992 Elliot Bernold

1991 Larry D. Palmer

1990 Stanley F. Reid

1989 L. Peyton Harris, Jr.

1988 Walter R. Donaldson

1987 H. Jace Greene, III

1986 Anthony E. Ciuca

1985 Joseph C. Murray

1984 Robert O. Boulter

1983 John N. Gallagher

1982 H. R. Crawford

1981 John B. Murgolo

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