PACE Awards Judges

Year after year, seasoned industry professionals help us evaluate and identify the DC metro area’s most excellent apartment communities and provide participants with actionable feedback. PMA is currently recruiting judges for the 2024 PACE Competition. Check out the roster of 2024 judges so far.

If you’re interested in participating as a judge in the 2024 PACE Competition, please complete the 2024 PACE Judge Application

PACE Judge Compensation

PACE judges receive compensation in the amount of $125 per community.


PACE Judge Qualifications

PACE judges should have ten years of multifamily industry experience. Ideal candidates are currently in, or have recently served in, an executive role with a property management company.  PACE judges will be required to participate in a training session with the PMA team in May 2024.


PACE Judge Time Commitment
  • Typically, PACE judges evaluate anywhere from four to 30 communities each season. In 2023, the average assignment was 12 communities per judge.
  • Judges provide PMA staff with their availability and preferences regarding judging frequency. For example, some judges like to conduct evaluations one day per week, while others are open to four days per week.
  • PMA staff will develop a schedule for evaluations.
    • PMA staff will assign a pair of judges to evaluate up to two communities on a specific day. The scheduled date is based on availability provided by both of the judges and the communities.
    • PMA staff will not assign a specific time for evaluations. The pair of judges are expected to work together to determine a time that works for them both to participate in an onsite evaluation. The evaluation must take place between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • A typical PACE evaluation takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours onsite.
  • PACE judges are expected to complete the evaluation form through an online platform within two weeks of their community visit. PACE judges are expected to provide informative and constructive comments within the form.


PACE Evaluations – When?
  • A training session will be held for judges in May 2024.
  • PACE evaluations will take place June 9 through September 27, 2024.
  • Evaluations are only scheduled Tuesday – Friday.
  • Evaluations do not take place on the first seven days of the month nor on holidays.


PACE Evaluations – Where?
  • PACE evaluations occur onsite at the property. Each community is evaluated by a pair of judges at the same time.
  • PACE boundaries go as far north as Columbia, MD, as far south as Woodbridge, VA, as far east as Annapolis, MD and as far west as Leesburg, VA. Communities outside of the published borders, e.g., Baltimore, Frederick, etc., may apply, but acceptance is subject to receiving at least four entries in that sub-market.
  • Judges may specify location preferences in their application.

If you’re interested in participating as a judge in the 2024 PACE Competition, please complete the 2024 PACE Judge Application by April 5, 2024.