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I started in pest control in high school, joined my family in starting a pest control business after college, and have spent the last 27+ years in that field. From operations, all the way to team leadership and strategic management, I have touched every aspect of my field. I am now one of the leading account specialists at American Pest, specializing in commercial solutions, but still working in residential because it keeps me grounded (I LOVE it when I get to see the look of relief on Mr & Mrs. Smith's face when you find how the mice were getting in!). I specialize in evaluating structures/sites, determining how all aspects of it interact with pests, to determine how SMART technologies using PIR sensors, automated multi-catch traps, and 3G enabled data collection devices can create an unprecedented proactive control paradigm. I also pride myself in taking radical responsibility for the welfare of my accounts, and stand with my clients to get what is needed, when things go wrong...and in business, something always goes wrong, it's how you handle yourself in response to that, that separates you from the pack.


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